Maintenance Measures to Keep Your Water Heater Running Longer

Maintenance Measures to Keep Your Water Heater Running Longer

Water heaters, like many other home appliances, need regular servicing to ensure optimal performance. We have some maintenance recommendations that can assist you in getting additional years out of your water heater.

What Is the Average Lifespan of a Water Heater?

There is a wide range of expected life spans for water heaters, which depend on various factors, including the temperature, the brand, and the quality of the water. A tank water heater can last for ten years or more with proper maintenance and servicing. Some tankless models can last up to twice as long as their tanked counterparts. Your water heater’s lifespan may reduce if your home uses hard water, meaning that you may require the help of a plumber Ottawa sooner rather than later.

DIY Advice on Preventative Care for Your Water Heater

If you want your water heater to last longer, you need to service it regularly. These steps won’t take too much time, but they’ll extend your water heater’s life a long way.

  • At least three times per year, the water heater must have a flush performed on it. It would be best if you flushed your water heater once every three months for the best possible performance. To achieve this goal, turn off the gas or electricity supplying the heater, and then connect a garden hose to the drain valve. Check that the opposite end of this house leads either outside or to a floor drain or utility sink, and then ensure that the opposite end is accessible. If not, this could threaten people’s health and safety. It will remove any water that may be present in the tank, as well as any sediments that may have settled to the bottom. After stopping the water from draining, you can then reconnect the gas or the electricity.
  • Professionals recommend you schedule the pressure valve inspection at least three times yearly. It is best to do so at the same time that you flush the heater, as the two chores work well together and complement one another. After turning off the gas or electricity, you can do so; however, you must do so before connecting the garden hose. To ensure that the water is flowing correctly, turn off the power and the gas, and then repeatedly turn the valve on and off. Now is the perfect time to do it if you’ve been thinking about flushing the heater.
  • Check the anode rod after every three to five years. The anode rod in a water heater collects any minerals that might find their way into the tank and cause corrosion. When it’s old or clogged with minerals, it stops functioning properly. Please switch off the gas or electricity, then drain the heater using a garden hose before inspecting it. To disconnect the anode rod from the top of your tank, loosen the hex nut. To inspect the rod, pull it out. Replace it if you notice any corrosion or a buildup of mineral deposits.

Additional Ways of Extending Your Water Heater’s Lifespan

The best way to ensure your water heater lasts as long as possible is to have a professional plumber inspect it and perform routine maintenance. Even the most meticulously maintained water heaters will only last for a while. When that time comes, you can put your trust in the professional plumbing installation and service provided by a plumber Ottawa.