Things To Do Before Moving Into a House

There are so many things that go into buying a home that by the time you complete the process, you’re ready to move in. From getting pre-approved for a mortgage to completing the closing process, you’ve been through a lot and now you’re ready to call your new castle home. Not so fast! Before you move in, there are some things you should do first.

Do a Deep Clean

Whether you’re buying a resale or completely new construction, your new spot will benefit from a deep clean. In the case of a new build, construction generates a lot of dust and debris, all of which may not have been properly addressed with the builder’s cleanup process. For a resale, you don’t know how clean the previous residents have been. Doing a deep clean yourself or hiring professionals assures you that you’re starting off with a clean slate.

Do Some Pest Control 

To piggyback from the previous paragraph, you don’t know what took place in a home before you took ownership. While serious problems such as termite activity should’ve been noted in the inspection, it never hurts to hire an exterminator to check for pests before you start moving in. An expert in quality pest control Cape Coral FL will know the signs of serious problems and can address these with a plan, which will be easier to implement in an empty space.

Change the Locks

Between construction crews, realtors and previous owners, you have no idea who still has a key to your residence. Eliminate the uncertainty by having a locksmith change the locks to your new home. This pro can make several keys for household use. That person can also upgrade the entrances to your house with smart locks that can be controlled and monitored with smartphone apps for the ultimate in convenience.

There are few experiences as exciting as moving into a new place. You’ve gone through a lot to get here and you’re ready to move all your things in. These last few tips can improve your peace of mind, getting you started on the right foot.