How To Effectively Work With Your Interior Designer

Interior designers are the minds behind some of the most interesting and functional spaces around us. Be it a space maximising apartment or a multi-functional office, interior designers play a huge role in out these areas turn out. Yet, for every success, is another failure or merely satisfactory result. While it is easy to either blame the designer’s lack of experience or the client’s poor ideas, most of the time failures actually occur due to poor communication between both parties.

As an experienced interior design Singapore firm, we have worked with clients from all sorts of backgrounds on a range of projects. Based on our years of experience, we cannot stress enough the importance of having clear and transparent communication between designers and clients.

Communicate Your Needs

If you are clear on the motif, style and also functions for the room, then we encourage you to convey these from the beginning. To aid you, attempt utilising mood boards and sample areas for the design while additionally specifying the purposes of the space. Inevitably, the capability of the interior designer to assist produce your area is particularly contingent on their understanding of your demands and vision.

We also encourage a quick trial and error approach whereby instead of trying to the entire theoretical design down on paper, do ask the designer to craft small samples for you to view. In this way, you would be able to quickly ascertain if the designer has understood your needs and is aligned to your vision.

Getting Feedback & Recommendations

As professionals in the interior design area, a great interior designer ought to have the ability to voluntarily counsel their clients on issues entailing interior design. However, at times, when a client comes off as being supremely confident and sure about their project wants, designers may be hesitant to voice any concerns.

We recommend that you always actively seek their feedback and thoughts on the matter. In particular, do ask them to offer strategies to design issues or to generate a suitable layout that may be an improvement from your original proposition. From this viewpoint, while you should set the direction and end goal of the project, the designer should foresee potential risks or obstacles to it.

An interior designer who is skilled will also have the ability to bring in value and fresh ideas to a customer’s original vision. They will have the ability to present more layout concepts to you, therefore providing more options for you to choose from.

Constant Communication

Consistent back and forth communication between both parties should be carried out. We can not stress enough the value of having the client around for the journey, getting constant responses and reaching a collective vision. In doing so, interior designers will not risk getting a rude surprise of customers turning down the design when the job has been finished.

On your end, you will be kept up to date with the progress and challenges in the project. In this way, you would have a clear understanding and be able to act accordingly.