Methods of descaling drainage and water pipes

The removal of rust and mineral in the inner surface of drainage, water, and sewer pipes is called descaling. In an environment where there are a lot of minerals, descaling is very important. Some small roots that form inside the pipes can also be removed through descaling. The most widely used material, such as cast iron pipes, are more prone to scaling. This is because their inner walls are usually coated with iron oxide and other mineral salts such as magnesium and calcium carbonates. With such deposits, the pipes become thick and start to snag solid materials passing through them. This will lead to unsanitary clogging or blockage.

A timely sewer inspection will save you a lot of time as you won’t be going home from work because of emergencies. A huge sewer clog cannot be cleaned through a handy drain cleaner. It would be best if you had professional drain cleaning processes, especially when the clog is severe. Some complex tools and methods can be sued to clean your drainage system. These methods include;

Hydro jetting

High-pressure water with a specific nozzle is used to push the clog out of the drainage pipes. The sludge, calcified deposits, and normal households in the iron cast pipes are disintegrated when the flexible hose is connected through the nozzle that jets water with high pressure. This method flushes away any material that has acuminated in the drainage pipe, including the small roots that may have formed inside. Once this is done, the drainage system will be working well without any difficulty. This is an environmentally friendly method as it uses water, and no chemicals or any other environmental contaminate is used.

Unlike commercial cleaners, this method does not cause any corrosion as it purely relies on water. It will cause no harm to your cast pipe drainage and can be used for commercial and residential sewer lines with a professional touch. The high-pressure hose and nozzle are portable and can be moved in a van to any location to fix clogged drainage. It does not need any digging, excavation, or landscaping. The process takes a short time to complete, and you will resume your daily activities because you won’t have to worry about water shortage because of drainage.

Chemical descaling

This is a simple method as the plumber uses a chemical to remove the drainage’s scaling. An acidic chemical is flushed down the drainage and reacts with the calcium and magnesium and eventually dissolving them. This works for iron oxide formed by the rust in the inner surface of cast iron pipes. However, the chemicals used are not friendly to the environment and can cause soil and water pollution once they are disposed of after use

Traditional methods

Traditional methods such as using snakes and drills can still be applied, especially to sensitive materials. Drain snakes are best used for fixing sinks and toilets. It clears bigger debris as well as clumps of tissue and hair. When the snake and augers are used together, the process of clearing blockage becomes quicker. Hard debris such as cups, jewelry, and toys are brought to the surface by the drill as the snake pocks the clogged

Pipe bursting

This is a process of removing old pipes and replacing them with new ones without removing the entire sewer system. The machines are sued to remove the old pipes and slowly install new ones without digging them out. This will solve all the problems since it is a replacement process.

Morden descaling methods are good since they are non-invasive and reduces the cost of repair. Descaling removes clogs and improves the flow of water and drainage. Moreover, the residents in a building can continue suing the facilities as the repair goes on.