What is the different type of materials used for retaining walls?

Looking for some ideas for retaining walls?

Want to know what material you can use for it?

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Choosing the right material for your retaining wall is something necessary. Since there is a different type of material used for these walls, pick the one that suits your needs, your pocket, and your land.

Here are the most common 5 types of material used for constructing a retaining wall.

  • Wood

If you are looking for an aesthetically perfect retaining wall that has good class and styles, go for wood. It would blend perfectly with your landscape and could be shaped in any shape as well. but the drawback is that the wood starts decaying after some time and to prevent this, you will have to apply chemicals to it and maintain it well.

  • Stone

To give a rustic and beautiful appeal to your yard, go for stone. There would not be any issues of decaying and no maintenance would be required for it. but one thing is that the stones do not need any material to stick together, a wire framework supports that and the wires can rust with time, creating problems for you.

  • Brick

One of the most durable solutions for your retaining wall is brick. There are no issues of moisture and gravity for this material. You can choose it without any hesitation. However, if some part of the wall gets damaged or broken, exchanging it would change the whole wall and its integrity would be lost.

  • Concrete

Concrete is another amazing option for the retaining walls because it is easy to manage, simple to put and it is available both in the form of blocks and pours, making it highly flexible for all designs. However, one problem is that the concrete does not look as classy as other solutions.

  • Plastic lumber

The best material so far for the retaining walls is plastic lumber. It is made of plastic that looks like wood and has a variety of shades of brown and gray that looks perfect for your outdoor world. It is the most durable one, with no issues of decaying, rusting, and moisture. You can go for this one without much hesitation.

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