What we have been observing in interior design for the last few months is a strong trend of returning to what is natural, not always ideal, but very close to us all.

Organic shapes, natural braids, materials that are far from artificial are a nod towards minimalism. It is a broadly understood longing for peace, balance, and equilibrium, which we all have been missing so much lately.

When we think about creating an interior that is cozy yet extremely minimalistic, Kim Kardashian’s Hidden Hills, California mansion could serve as a perfect example. Kim went with the trend so much that she had the cars standing in front of the house repainted in shades of grey, which was consistent with her idea of a cohesive interior. She herself called the house a “minimalist sanctuary”, which is hard to disagree with. I see this trend as a need to get away from the excessive stimulation, chaos and bustle around us.

Comfort is what we ultimately strive for when furnishing a space for ourselves. Harmony and simplicity give a sense of peace and tranquility. Some people see this style as the successor to the well-known Scandinavian style, but in my opinion, it goes a step further.

Artwork by: Kaoruko Iizuka (Displate.com)

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Minimalist style is driven largely by our internal needs, so it can be different for everyone. However, some features are sort of a common denominator.

What do I mean?

Color ? 

Off-whites, beiges, straw tones. The palette is bright yet warm. Coziness is achieved through a subtle play of light and shadow, not through contrasts.

Source: Design-anthology.com

Shape ? 

Spherical shapes, the delicacy of forms and rounded edges. Everything is meant to flow and embrace you. Shapes are usually the result of nature. A table or a shelf will be made in a way that follows the natural structure of the grain according to the idea that “this is how mother nature wanted it”.

Artwork by: Yolanda Vargas (Displate.com)

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Accessories ? 

The monochromatic palette is softened by neutral textures and new abstract works that celebrate curved lines. Decorations are hung on the walls and are the only thing that makes up the beauty of these interiors. Subtle paintings, prints with faded neutral colors and geometric or abstract motifs complement this oasis of calm. A large role is played by hand-made decorations such as braids, macramé art. Shelves or tables are a perfect display for ceramics.

Artwork by: Yolanda Vargas (Displate.com)

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An interesting addition that will complement such a minimalist interior can be a metal poster with a suitable design. You can put it on the shelf next to other gadgets or your favorite plant, or mount it on the wall using magnets, which won’t damage the surface.

This style abandons the struggle against what is simple, close to the earth, natural. We go with the flow, following the rhythm of Mother Earth in celebration of her gifts and simplicity.

Artwork by: UillianRius (Displate.com)