Here is the party tent secret

The party tent is a popular eye-catcher at any party that is held outdoors. Because here there is not only enough covered space for occasional showers, but also a good space for a counter.

This is how a normal tent quickly becomes a beer tent. Party tents are best suited if you have your own garden or enough free space in an outdoor area.

At summer parties, garden parties or a wedding reception, large white party tents are very often in use and decorated accordingly for the occasion.

Requirements for a party tent – buying guide

In the rarest cases a party tent is in the garden all year round. It just takes up too much space and is more stressed by wind and weather than it should be.

Most party tents that you can buy are only designed for short installation periods and ideally can be set up and dismantled quickly.

The following product properties should be considered when purchasing:

  • Fast foldability (usually given with folding party tents)
  • Waterproof (especially waterproof roof
  • Robust metal construction that doesn’t fall over with every touch
  • Corner tent better than round tent
  • Sufficient size (3 × 3 meters is almost too small)
  • Stability (even with gusts of wind a stable)
  • UV resistant (sun protection in hot summers)
  • Removable side panels (possibly also side panels with window)

If you take these tips to heart, you will certainly not experience a failure when buying a party tent. However, the size is decisive. The most beautiful american tent will not remain in good memories if there is only room for 4 guests. If there is to be a bar, chairs, benches, tables and guests in the tents, it is worth considering whether it is better to choose and set up a beer tent as the smaller brother of the marquee.