Farmhouse Lighting – Your Favorite Choice of Lighting Fixture

Who doesn’t want their house to have warmth and a touch of freshness? Whenever you enter the house, it would envelop you with comfort. Different house owners have different aesthetics and they would like to set up their house likewise. In this modern life, many people yearn for beautiful and charming country life. Reality checks show that it is not possible. So, why not give your living room or dining hall a twist of rustic allure?

Having a lighting fixture in farmhouse style is attractive in every way possible. Options like chandelier is the most eye catching and effective in changing the mood of a space. If chosen wisely, it can do wonders. With Sofary you can get many high-quality lighting solutions and can also avail their customization service. They work with professional manufacturers to turn your imagination into reality.

How to Know Whether It Conforms to The Countryside Style?

Lighting in farmhouses paid more attention on the functionality and not on decorative attribute. However, in modern situation, the focus also turned to the aesthetic side. Thus, the original and modern elements fused together to give a unique charm. Still, you can easily distinguish this style from other styles of lighting through some of the following features –

  • Reused materials are the usual source of making these lightings. Materials like woods, galvanized metals and recycled glasses were found in abundance in the farmhouses.
  • The structures are generally simple. Ring chandelier or big bell-shaped pendants are common in farmhouse lighting.
  • You get the antique feel to it.
  • Use of Edison bulb makes the creation more perfect.

Variations in Farmhouse Lighting

  • Scones – They are small lighting fixtures that are fixed on walls and give off soft light. They can be best for adorning the bedroom. It will also give warmth and coziness that is required in the room instead of harsh lighting.
  • Pendants – Whether you use a single pendant or multiple depends completely on the requirement of your space. This gives direct lighting to the focused area and does not spreads to the whole space which is best to be hanged above a kitchen top or dining table.
  • Chandelier – This kind of fixture is ‘all in all’ solution for your home. It can suit any room or space, just name it. Traditionally, chandelier always adorned and lighted the dining room.

There are many more creations innovated daily. So, you have to compare them to get the best of it.

How to Decide the Right One for You?

You might be fixed on a particular style of lighting, but you need to consider the following point before buying one –

  • Measure the space including the furniture in the equation to decide the right size of your lighting fixture.
  • The height of the fixture should be such that you have enough space below.
  • Do not forget the features of the room like shade of the wall, furniture style, and accessories. However, a lighting fixture that is in harmony with your space.