Does Your Home Need New Gutters?

Your gutters are responsible for moving water away from your roof when it rains. This prevents moisture from pooling up on your roof and causing damage over time. Since your gutters play such an important role in preserving your roof, it’s important to watch for the signs that you need to replace them.

Cracking in Certain Spots

When your gutters start to form cracks, they’re not going to do much good at transporting water away from your home’s roof and foundation. Even small cracks can defeat the purpose of your gutters. You may need gutter installation Oregon City if your gutters have started to form cracks in certain spots.

Stress on the Seams

Gutters are typically the most vulnerable when there are seams where two separate sections of gutter come together. Separations and leaks are both common in these areas. In some cases, gutter seams can be fixed. But if the seams start to fully come apart, it may be a good idea to install new gutters on your home.

Peeling Paint and Material

If your gutters are malfunctioning, one of the first places where you’ll notice is your home’s paint. Take a look at your home’s siding for any spots that have bubbling or peeling paint. Both of these things can happen when your paint is exposed to too much moisture.

Rotting Areas

When your gutters malfunction and rain cascades directly over them, rot may start to develop on your gutters and on your siding. If this rot starts to form on door frames and window frames, you may have a hard time keeping the weather out of your home.

Gutters play an important role in protecting your home. Replacing them when they get damaged or old is a good investment in your property as well as a beneficial way to prevent the effects of moisture damage.