Different Ways to Make Efficient Use Of Your Unfinished Basement  

An un finished basement of house under construction.

Basements aren’t any more reserved for only holding fuse box and storage boxes. Homeowners are interested in remodeling their basement into usable spaces because of the convenience it offers. It lets them easily upgrade their home to suit the evolving household setup instead of moving. Renovating the basement is also profitable due to the high return on investment – up to 69%.

Waterproof your basement:

There are several efficient ways to remodel your basement. The first thing homeowners should do is waterproof their basement. Basements are prone to flooding and the last thing you want is to have your belongings flooded. Even if the risk of flooding is low, mildew and mold could find their way into your basement on winters and rainy season which cause cracks in foundation.

Waterproofing all serves as insulation to the space and reduces the energy costs involved. It creases your property value furthermore. If you are looking for reputable waterproofing services in Canada, get in touch with Waterproofing PD. They are one of the leading waterproofing companies offering top-class service.

Their services include exterior basement waterproofing, interior basement waterproofing, basement underpinning etc. They guarantee long-term solutions. After waterproofing your basement, you can consider any of the follow remodelling ideas.

Basement remodelling ideas:

  • Informal living room: Converting a basement into an informal living room gives your family members two rooms to relax. Children can use the informal living room at the basement for watching movies while adults can interact undisturbed in the main living room.
  • Home theatre: Basements generally have no windows which make it perfect to create the right ambiance for watching movies. Purchase recessed lighting with dimmers, recliners and a projector screen for a fun home theatre experience. Teens can also use the room for gaming.
  • Bedroom: Having an additional bedroom is a great way to make use of the extra space available. Your children/ teen would be happy to have a separate room and the room would also be handy when guests are staying over. If it is a small basement space, opt for an alcove with built-in beds.
  • Bar: Bar is a great fun addition to your home. Entertain your friend’s hereafter during weekend parties at your basement bar. Install cabinets, built-in fridge, beer tap and cool bar stools.
  • Gym: When you convert your basement into a gym, you don’t have to travel out anywhere to workout. Purchase gym equipment and place them over rubber mats to protect the floor.
  • Home office: Since the current situation demands working from home and online classes, designing our basement into a home office would be helpful to concentrate on work without dealing with distractions.
  • Laundry and utility room: Put away your mounds of unwashed clothes in a designated spot for laundry henceforth. Yu can use the space to dry your clothes and fold them. Purchase energy-efficient washers and tiles that are chemical and water-resistant.

Make maximum use of your basement space using any of the above ideas. It is mandatory to waterproof your basement before renovating it.