Cub Cadet XT1 LT42 Riding Lawn Mower.

At around $1700, the Cub Cadet XTI is one sweet machine. First of all, why should you consider buying a riding lawnmower like the Cub Cadet XTI? Writing for Today’s Mower, a lawn and gardening export reported many reasons why you should consider buying a lawn tractor instead of a zero-turn mower:

  • If you have hills in your yardIf your acreage is hilly, forget about a zero-turn mower, particularly those that weigh between 700 to 900 pounds. If, when shut down, you can lift the front of your mower, then there is a very good chance it will sputter, possibly even tip-over trying to navigate hills.
  • The ride can be roughUnless you buy an expensive commercial-grade zero turn mower, the ride can be rough. Women need to wear a sports bra, and both men and women often find their arms go numb advancing the controls.
  • Zero-turn mowers are hard to drive. They require a learning curve, and many people tear up their lawn learning. A riding mower, using a steering wheel like a car, is a more natural feel.
  • They won’t cut grass over 4 inchesIf your lawn is more like a typical suburban residential lawn this isn’t a factor, but if you have lots of molehills, gopher holes, and a mixture of grass and weeds, you will need a lawn tractor.

 The Cub Cadet XT1 LT42 Riding Lawn Mower

Which brings us to our review of the Cub Cub Cadet XTI LT42 Riding Lawn Mower. This is Cub’s smallest lawn tractor, and it’s least expensive. It cuts a 42-inch pathway, and as we mentioned earlier, it runs at around $1700.

Is it a commercial model? Not in your life. But if you have an acre or acre and a half of grass to cut, need a lawn tractor with a tight turn radius, something that is simple to drive and your back yard doesn’t resemble the Rocky Mountains, this is one

lawn tractor to consider.


The XTO comes with Cub Cadet’s own, single stroke, 547 cubic inch engine that is EFI injection controlled. The LTI goes 5.5 miles per hour at top speed and 3.1 miles per hour in reverse. It has a 3-gallon gas tank. a two-blade 42-inch stamped steel cutting deck and a quick clean system to clean the undercarriage with a garden hose.

 Features we like

First of all, at $1700, this is a reasonably priced, economical machine. You can spend a lot more out in the marketplace and get much less for your money.

Then there are the common-sense safety features. To start it, you put in the key, then hit the start button for about 2 seconds. Simple eh? But it won’t start if you aren’t seated on the seat, and even then it won’t start unless you also place your foot on the foot pedal. So no worries is your 10-year old grandchild sneaks into the garage and tries to start it up. Even if you leave the keys in the mower (which you shouldn’t,) it’s doubtful he’ll be able to figure out how to start it up by also mashing down the brake pedal.

Similarly, the mower only goes into reverse if you hit the brake pedal, then engage the PTO blade settings. Don’t do this or try to go backwards without it and the mower instantly shuts off.

We also love the great features of the machine, the 2-ball anti-scalping system which T helps prevent the deck from coming in contact with the ground when passing over a high spot, thus preventing the blade from slicing off or “scalping” large clumps of grass.

In addition, we love the SmartJet cleaning system. On the deck, there is an inlet in which you can screw on an attachment that enables you to attach your garden hose to it. Then turn on the engine and then the hose. Quicker than you can say Ala Kaxaam, the underside of your deck and the blades are cleaned.