How To Discover Your Home Style

Home decor trends come and go, and who has the time (or money) to overhaul the whole house every season? Your home is the perfect place to show off a style that is unique to you, whatever the current trends are. How can you hone in on your preferences and figure out what kind of home decor is best for you? Here are some tips to help inspire your interior design fashionista.


Do you remember cutting pictures out of magazines and putting them together on a mood board? Technology has made visualizing your dream home Waller TX easier than ever. Search Pinterest and create an inspiration board of interior design ideas. Combining images of what inspires you can help you get a bigger picture of what styles you lean toward.


Do you have an object that makes you happy every time you see it? It might be a loved painting, a fluffy rug, or a beautiful lamp. You can anchor a room’s style around the piece you already know you love. Find items that match the aesthetic and you might find the whole house beginning to feel more true to you and what you love.


An entire house may seem overwhelming, and even a single room can be a lot to wrap your head around when it comes to designing in your personal style. It can help to put together a smaller space in an easily conceptualized smaller vignette: think a bookshelf, end table, or desk space. This requires little investment, is easy to change, and can help you solidify your idea of how you want the rest of the space to look and feel.

Decorating a home need not be intimidating, and finding your personal style can be a fun exercise in creativity and artistry. Whether you want to start small or redesign a larger space, these tips can help you feel more confident in your style choices. Happy designing!