Pests Visit Homes in Winter, Too

Unlike animals such as bears that hibernate in winter, pests are around in all seasons. They don’t sleep for months at a time when it’s cold out. Actually, pests respond to the cold by looking for a warm place to crash — if you’re not careful, they could select your home.

Don’t count on sub-zero temperatures to be a layer of protection between your home and creepy crawlies like mice, rats, or roaches. Instead, let’s take a look at home professional pest control experts keep your home safe.

Sprays That Work

Professional pest control specialists don’t use the commercially available sprays you find in hardware stores or at your local market. Usually, these sprays kill a chunk of the pest population but not the entire thing. You might feel relieved to see some roach corpses in the areas they haunted. However, so long as there are live ones still scurrying around, you’ve got the same problem on your hands.

Professional pest control technicians apply their expertise to create custom sprays that get the job done, and hiring them is the only way to access their sprays. Look for a company that uses custom solutions that finish the job using ingredients approved by Health Canada.

That way, you know the spray will eliminate all pests without posing any harm to the environment or pets. You can hire an ant exterminator in Toronto or the GTA to get rid of the smallest winter pests or have them take out larger ones, like mice.

Home Protection Plans

You’ll breathe a tremendous sigh of relief when the exterminator has finished uprooting a pest infestation. An even better outcome is to prevent one from happening in the first place.

If you hire a leading pest control company, they can visit your premises and inspect for any pests. They’ll eliminate any they find, remove any pest attractants they come across, then issue a preventative treatment that keeps any and all pests away.

Your home is your sanctuary, especially in the winter months when people spend longer indoors when it’s frigid outside. If pests breach the gates, your home won’t feel like a cozy, snug winter retreat. Consider getting a home protection plan to proactively keep your domicile pest-free.

Friendly and Experienced

Some people understandably become on edge whenever there are strangers in their homes, and you may be even edgier when there’s a pest infestation. You’ll feel more at ease when the technicians you hire are courteous and professional.

Look for a family-owned business that’s operated in the neighbourhood for years. It’s a good sign when the owners know the technicians personally, rather than in those larger companies where everybody is a number instead of a face. If people in your community have given favourable online reviews, that’s another good sign.

Winter can be a great time for outdoor activities like skating or sledding, so long as you bundle up. When you get home for the night, and it’s time for hot cocoa and cozy clothing, you’ll feel warm and snug. However, pests are also trying to get into your home during the winter months, largely for the same reasons. Hire the pros to keep them out and ensure your winter refuge stays clean, cozy, and pest-free.