Top 4 Inspections for Prospective Homeowners

When you’ve found a house that you like and it’s within your budget, you’re excited to start the purchasing process. Before you sign your contract or finalize the offer in another way, make sure to have these four key inspections conducted.

  1. Survey Your Land

Your house may come with just a few feet of grass, or it may have acres of property. In both cases, you need a surveyor to check for any buried hazards such as gas lines and oil tanks. If the surveyor finds anything unusual in your ground, the current owner should pay for services such as oil tank removal Westchester County NY or deduct the cost from your house’s price.

  1. Check for Lead

Until 1978, most kinds of house paint were lead-based, so if your house is from the 1970s or earlier, it probably has traces of lead. Lead is a poisonous metal for everyone, but it’s particularly dangerous for your children. When you’re exposed to lead for a long time, you risk digestive problems, abdominal pain, developmental delays, and even death. To prevent these symptoms, you must have all lead paint professionally removed before you move in.

  1. Look for Mold

Mold is common in houses that have been uninhabited for a while, especially if there are water leaks or broken windows. Mold infestations ruin your floors, drywall, and wallpaper, and they’re difficult to stop. For people who are allergic to mold or have asthma, mold outbreaks are a recipe for disaster. For minor infestations, cleaning the affected area with water and bleach usually takes care of the problem, but if mold has spread to several rooms, you need professional help.

  1. Examine Your Electrical System

If your electrical system doesn’t work, you can’t use any of your devices and, if you have a well, you can’t use your water system. At the same time, some broken electrical systems still work but put you at risk of a fire. Have an electrician inspect your wiring for frayed, broken, or chewed-through wires. This inspector should also look for signs of water damage and recommend repairs or a complete rewiring.

Save yourself from the hassle of too many renovations and repair bills by having professionals conduct these four inspections before you sign your housing contract. That way, you can start moving your belongings and family into your house without worrying about the problems you can’t see.