Top 3 Reasons to Rent Lighting Equipment

Whether you’re shooting a 30-second commercial or a feature-length film, lighting plays a critical role in setting the right mood. Having the appropriate lighting equipment available means making every video you produce look exactly as you and your client intended.

However, owning a plethora of equipment for every possible shoot, or buying new equipment for each new project, simply aren’t cost-effective practices. That’s why it’s a good idea to look into lighting equipment rentals Jacksonville FL.

Here are three big reasons you should rent your lighting equipment for every production.

Tailor Lighting for Every Shot

It would likely be prohibitively expensive for your production company to own every possible lighting setup. Even if you only own a few lights, that can mean making sacrifices to the quality of the final product. Renting lighting equipment allows you to get exactly what you need for every shot.

Stick to Your Budget

While it might seem like owning lighting equipment will reduce your costs over time, reality can be a little different. You will eventually have to purchase new lighting as older equipment ages. Buying new lighting adds to the production costs of your current project, possibly taking you over budget. By renting lighting equipment, you can stick to your original budget.

Stay on Schedule

Scrambling to replace lighting in the middle of production can also delay the entire shoot. Depending on the size of your film, this can be a headache for multiple people with tight schedules. Getting your lighting equipment from a professional rental provider ensures your lighting is available when you need it, helping you stay on schedule.

Finishing a project on time and under budget is a desirable outcome for clients in most situations. Renting your lighting equipment helps you avoid production delays, stick to your quoted budget, and make the film you want to make, all of which combine to make a happy client.