Land clearing, what is it? When working with excavation terms, land clearing is what we call the process of preparing a job site. This includes removing (or preserving) trees, rocks, vegetation, and even preexisting structures from the job site in order to prepare it for development. However, this process may also include the removal of deep root systems, pre-existing pipes, and even utility lines and tanks.

Excavation Terms to Know

When dealing with an excavation project, it is important to know the lingo.

Clearing: This refers to the removal of brush, vegetation or trees from a job site.

Grubbing: This is the grinding out of tree stumps, or digging out roots.

Scalping: This is the removal of any roots, sod, vegetation, or grass in order to make sure that all of the soil is being exposed. However, this process does not involve removing the topsoil.

Dealing with erosion

One of the main goals of land clearing is to help reduce erosion, sedimentation, and even sediment discharges that could find their way into lakes, streams, and even wetlands. There are a lot of different practices that excavation teams use in order to help reduce and eliminate the risk of erosion and water contamination during jobs.

Are Permits Needed?

For a lot of areas, you do not need a permit in order to do land clearing of shrubs and bushes, but there may be permits needed to remove trees. As well, there will be permits needed in some areas if you need to grind out stumps or remove root systems.

What Is The Cost?

Like a lot of things in the world of construction, the price of a land clearing really depends on a few factors such as the size of the property, the condition of the job site, as well as the local market you are working in.

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