Filtering Water Better With A 3 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

A reverse osmosis system designed to remove contaminants requires two steps. The first is the demineralization step, which is achieved through the use of chemicals. The second is the carbon filtration step, which extracts toxic contaminants from the water. You may be wondering why pure blue bottled water is priced so high when the same quality can be had at a much lower price.

Reverse osmosis systems do remove trace minerals from the water but in excessive amounts. Trace minerals are important to our health because they prevent dehydration and other issues. The minerals that the system removes must be replaced, or your water becomes de-mineralized. You end up with mineral-free water.

The disadvantages of a stage reverse osmosis system are many. First of all, the chemicals used to destroy contaminants are harmful to your health. Studies show that people who regularly consume tap water may be at risk for cancer, especially if they have family histories that include problems with cancer.

You may also be removing healthy minerals from your drinking water, and this is not what you want. People need a lot of healthy minerals in their water, such as calcium and magnesium for strong bones. If you think you don’t need pure water, wait until you go to the store to get some.

Reverse osmosis systems are great if you just need a little bit of pure water in your home. For drinking purposes, you may want to think about purchasing a more sophisticated system, such as an under-sink system or one that comes with a pitcher. For larger homes, such as businesses, it is advisable to invest in a system that will purify all of the water coming into the building.

There are other benefits that you will gain by using a reverse osmosis system in your home. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of your drinking water, you can remove chemicals and other pollutants before they ever enter your home. If you are worried about bugs, you will also be pleased to know that the system can kill many types of bugs. Even if you only have small children in the home, having the right system can mean the difference between cleaning up a mess and risking disease.

Reverse osmosis systems are great for people that need only a small amount of purified water, but they do not do a very good job of cleaning larger areas. Consider purchasing a multi-stage filtration system that will be able to handle large amounts of water and remove many contaminants. These systems are available in both countertop units and standing floor models. Many consumers find that these are more cost-effective than the reverse osmosis systems. Some of the best features of these units include the ability to use carbon to remove sediments, micron-size filters that remove parasites and bacteria, and ion exchange that balances the water.

You do need to consider the size of the residential setting in which you live, but this is one great product to consider. When you run out of potable water, it is much easier to refill a system rather than to constantly go to the store for more. For this reason, the system can often be used on an as-needed basis when there is a great deal of water loss from a leaking refrigerator or other appliance. The investment will pay for itself many times over in less time than it takes to fill a standard gallon of water at home.

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