Benefits of Installing a Water Softener

If you live outside the city, there’s a good chance you have hard water. Hard water occurs when there’s an abundance of calcium and magnesium present creating all sorts of household mayhem. To combat these problems people usually invest in a water softener, and here are some of the advantages.

Cleaner Skin and Hair

When you bathe in hard water, you rarely feel like you’re completely clean. Soap is harder to rinse off your body and it takes forever to get the shampoo out of your hair. Homeowners that choose to install water softeners Tampa enjoy cleaner and softer feeling skin and no more limp hair with heavy buildup.

Softer Clothing

Another area that suffers because of hard water is your laundry. Clothing and bedding feel stiff and scratchy after being washed because of excess minerals and soap that won’t rinse out. Colors also tend to fade faster. When you set up a water softener, you can go back to having soft and comfortable clothing that lasts longer.

Less Mineral Buildup

One of the most bothersome characteristics of hard water is the mineral deposits it leaves behind. You’ll find white, chalky buildup on dishes, faucets and showerheads and it’s almost impossible to remove. Softening your water will eliminate this unsightly crust around drains and droplets from drinking cups.

More Efficient Appliances

Mineral buildup from hard water also stresses your appliances by wearing down rubber parts, especially in your washing machine. When you put in a water softener, appliances work much more efficiently. The same goes for eliminating mineral buildup in your pipes and avoiding costly repairs.

If you’re experiencing damage from hard water all over your house, it’s well worth it to install a water softener. You’ll notice an improvement in your hair, skin, laundry and you’ll have no more ugly buildup.