3 Ways You’ll Save Money On Your Gas Bill When You Switch To An Electric Stove

3 Ways You'll Save Money On Your Gas Bill When You Switch To An Electric Stove

In many respects, choosing to use an electric stove in your home can be a great way to save money. The choice, however, to go electric or use gas for cooking can be difficult as each home’s needs vary greatly. As with any major change to take place in terms of the operation of your home, you’ll need to do some homework.Though it seem intuitive to save money on your gas bill by not using a gas stove, the reasons for the savings may not be for the reasons you’d assume. Here are three ways an electric stove can save you money on your gas bill:1. Utilizing Alternative Cooking Methods – With so many families operating on rushed schedules, trying to be efficient while baking & cooking may not be easy (or cost-effective) when using gas. As such, using a slow cooker is back en vogue. Energy experts are quick to point out that a slow cooker allows all manner of meals to be made in one vessel while keeping clean-up a breeze (especially with slow cooker liners), and its energetic footprint is incredibly low. You can also use your microwave to help with meal preparation. Remember that it’s not just a microwave — it’s a microwave oven.2. Rethinking Your Cookware – When you use a gas stove, you tend to use just about any pan you want. Whether it’s stainless steel, aluminum, or cast iron, as long as it does the job, we use it. The problem is that not enough attention may be paid to the efficiency of the material to be heated. Using an electric stove means you have to see what materials work the best & provide efficient heat transfer. This may seem tedious, but keep in mind how much energy you could waste on a gas stove while only thinking about BTUs and not efficiency.3. Gas Usage Gets Rethought – When it comes to working with gas appliances, you do have to take into consideration a number of things, and if the name of the game is savings on your gas bill, technology that uses gas may not quite be where it needs to be to see savings immediately. As with many home improvements, there may be a period in which the savings may not be readily seen. You may also have to think about the cost of having a gas line installed for your home (if you don’t have one), which can be regulated not just by the age of your home but also by regulatory procedures in your neighborhood.In the end, the choice of using an electric stove over a gas stove is a personal one that is based on you and your family’s needs. As a final note, high on your list of considerations, though, should be safety. Keep in mind that a gas stove, at its most essential, operates with open flames, and depending on the traffic in your kitchen, this may be a deal breaker.