3 Steps to Tackle Tough Stains Out of Your Mattress

Did you just stumble into an accident while lying in your bed that’s asking for some extra care? We have the answers for you. The first being 100% attention and getting to action as fast as possible. Because some stains can contain tough or strong acidic substances and acids are hard to be forgotten from mattress memory.

For Bedwetting

With your toddler or child sleeping next to you, it’s never easy. Especially when they aren’t yet potty trained and wake you up to start complaining that the bed is wet. The absolute rule for such sensitive situations is acting fast. Because if it’s a urinal accident, the stench and the colour the uric acid can leave is going to be very pungent. And you can’t just throw away the mattress to solve the problem. So it’s important that we have an option of how to clean mattress stains with the help of professional cleaning services.

Once the mattress is clear from pillows and bedding, sprinkle some 3 tablespoons of baking soda immediately and then blot the affected area with a washing powder solution. You need to leave it for at least 8-10 hours even overnight it requires and make other sleeping arrangements. Some days later, you can vacuum up all the baking soda and post the mattress against a wall to let it dry in the sun and leave no trace of the accident.

For Red Wine Liquids

Clumsy moments happen and it happens all the time. The glass you were holding just bounced off from a good laugh you were having with your partner or friend. It’s fine. You can remove excess liquid from the stain by dabbing cotton cloth on it and then drizzle some baking soda or salt over the area to thoroughly absorb the liquid. Try pouring some boiling water on it afterwards.

For Blood Stains

This should be worse than a nightmare. You just woke up and see a stubborn menstrual stain that has long dried or have freshly landed on your mattress.

The easiest way out is cold water or the ice-cubes in your freezer. You can soak a cloth in mild soapy cold water and dab the stain off. But, stay away from warm water at all costs because this will ‘cook’ the protein in the blood meaning set the stain too quickly. Baking soda from the kitchen cabinet can also do the trick with a little applied on a fresh cloth and then dabbed dry with another. You need to let it sit for at least 25 – 30 minutes for complete removal of the stain.